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Ultimate Value; LIFE

January 6, 2012


شاهد به بارداری ، به رهایی زن به شناسه (شماره) سقف شیشه ای از بالا سقوط به

خرد و عشق صلح ایده ، همان چیزی است که hippies.
witness to pregnancy
 to woman liberation
 to a glass ceiling …id have to fall from above to shatter the idea peace and love is what the hippies did.

Poker Face; Self-Expression Through Art

January 6, 2012

Ace of Spades
I played you as I watched you
All the way through the river currents
Last call and I work through the waters with a Queens power
Oh Gosh, Oh my he says he wants my baby too
Valentine is conceived as scheduled
Dead never to me, but deceives does he
Don’t you see, she is me
Valentine is the gifted child, but they all are
Warnings of her estate and debts
What is it you’ve pursued so long?
Oh Gosh, Oh my I have his child Valentine
All dressed in red
I’m truly yours,


May 15, 2010

might I find out who you are
all I want is for you to be happy
don’t let me confuse you,
I just wonder if we’re one.
sorry angel, I think your too young
once a family always a family
now precious one, tell me where you are.

I love you always and forever.

Keeping it Real

May 15, 2010

She gazed as people spoke; safe in the marina layer of fog. That’s how she gazed at him, Sam I am. Skylar is in a deli at 4:00 a.m., she’s writing on a newspaper, ‘Keeping it Real.’ Spinning his ring  ‘Sam u r’ showed up and slid onto her booth.

His brown eyes pulsated into hers. Life kicked and screamed inside her. Skylar told him she was preoccupied. He told her a limo dropped him off, that he lived the streets of Costa Rica, and he was Sam from the CIA.

She continued writing, ‘…dangled like a diamond necklace, choking her naive neck…’ Sam showed her some Cubism paintings, and spun his ring—that’s all Skylar noticed. Sam gave her a box of hot tomales—it must of been Halloween. Skylar woudn’t know; she lost her watch. She refused to tell the time from the Mavado.

That was a moment when a conversation with a stranger was the best. Maybe he realized, maybe he knew, I don’t think she did, but maybe, was the fact that she had fallen in love once with a representation of Sam. Like the Cubism, multilayered.

The next time she was writing late at night in the deli, under the pen name Nada, she wished Sam I am would show up, spinning his ring, holding her hands as she let go of the chained fence.

Manic Skylar: Bipolar Stories Part I;I

December 9, 2009

Read my red lips, so she says.

It’s almost 4:00 pm, and I can’t keep avoiding Skylar. She’s been in the psychiatrist office waiting room almost four hours now.

But first I’ll sneak down the side door way and staircase and smoke a cigarette. I’ll need one before seeing her. Things have gotten out of control. I race out the back door and leave Skylar waiting a bit longer, I have to have some free time to think of what to say, or maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Always nice that way. I laugh to myself.

I’m pacing back and forth, sucking down a cigarette, I know a doctor, stupid, right? Anyway I spot Skylar walking out looking fumed. I try to dodge below the parking garage, but she sees me. She doesn’t even look at me, just darts her eyes at me and then skirts them towards the front door of her boyfriend’s hummer. He’s the one who I owed and got me into this whole mess with Skylar.

I must admit the sex is mind-blowing though.

Glass house I escaped to find true love in through my teenage dreams.

October 24, 2009

“What are the advantages of living in a glass house?” He asks me.

When the sun is shining, I can always feel it, I can see what’s going on around me, and I’m as close to being part of nature as you can get.

“I assume you ask because as a teenager I wanted to live in a glass house in the middle of the ocean…?” I say to him.


“That’s correct.” He responds back as if he’s analyzing me and my past like a doctor.

All I remember is this,  a scene from my young mind. It was me lying in bed with a man. I was in love. We were in a glass house in the middle of the ocean. I put my hands on his chest and looked up at him, but I can’t remember his face or I can’t see it. I was happy and content.

Reason enough?

“Well it’s not convincing to me, but go ahead, post it!” he says and laughs a nervous and wild laugh.

I read it all back to him.

“I’m not stupid.” He says this as if anyone has implied he is. Then he laughs again. He then says something about a magnifying glass.

I know the feeling I write. It’s like living in a glass house under the sea.


The interesting part is ‘escape.’ I wanted to escape, so I dreamt of a place with true love floating in the sea. My innocent mind missed the terror of being watched through glass. However, life has taught me the real disadvantages of living in a glass house over the years.

I was a beautiful and naive girl who trusted when I awoke in a glass house at bay.

Shattered dreams is the answer. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have You Heard The Story of Chrome and Veronica? You Should. What Do You Think?

August 29, 2009

Chrome and Rebecca live in a large house with money stuffed under Rebecca’s side of the mattress. She is involved in dirty money, but she didn’t know how badly it would come to haunt her and her seemingly perfect life with Chrome.


Side drives a motorcycle and lives a different life than Chrome, the investment banker for Swiss bank accounts. He lives on a different edge, hanging dirty laundry in the air we all think is clean.

Side smiles. Chrome looks with unease as he sees Rebecca change.

Rebecca stands from the stairs, “you don’t know me, Chrome.” She says. Then she goes and dyes her hair blond from dark brunette. Being Latino this is drastic. She comes down the stairs in a black suite smoking a slim cigarette, a Capri, “ciao Chrome,” she says as she walks out the door.

A young lad from G.B. waits patiently on his chair, waiting to hear from Veronica. He grows impatient and intense. Soon he calls his friends.  A war now has begun between him, his friends and Veronica. But who is she?


Chrome meets Veronica. He spots her at the bank one day. He rolls down his window, and gives it his life. She takes it, and they run off together into the jungle. They make passionate love under a waterfall; Veronica’s innocence was stripped away, at that moment, from men full of hating.

Veronica passed Rebecca on the streets of Manhattan, and they look at each other. They each envy the other.

The interesting fact is they were each other, they were one in a twisted world where pounding on a mirror was normal, and backwards.