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What Your Dreams Reveal and The Girl with Two Lives, Past and Present.

August 17, 2009

I giggle as the moon touches me. I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for someone, but I don’t know who. Enzymes were blocked in my hippo-campus which is the memory hub. But I don’t know that.

Suddenly I’m on a bus. Hayden  is on the bus. The backseat is open. Hayden gets up and moves to the vacant backseat. I take his seat. My lives are streaming across my eyes. We cross a street. A drunk woman in slow motion is coming towards the bus in her vehicle. I can see her up close.


I am her.

“Stop, please,” my mind screams.  I look at the bus driver.

“Drive faster, quick!” my heart yells with everything it has.

The woman slams into the back of the bus. Everything goes black. I open my eyes and everyone is moving off the bus. My heart stops. It knows. I look back at Hayden. His body sits there lifeless in the very back of the bus. The only one touched and killed. The busy is empty now except him and I. I run towards Hayden and kneel down next to him, begging for his life back.

“I was supposed to be sitting there! Hayden, why? Where are you? I hate you, I was supposed to be sitting there! Hayden, NO! I love you! I scream as he sits slouched.

A man steps onto the bus. “He can hear you, keep talking to him.” He says to me. He then exits.

I look at the man, and then back at Hayden. I freeze. Then I see Scott’s smiling face. I think it was out of kindness, but I’m unsure now.


Suddenly I’m back seated on the bus stop bench. I’m waiting for ‘prince charming’ to rescue me from this foreign land. I hear a whisper in the wind, “revealing secrets from the past in your sleep.”

I wonder if he’ll show, and I Imagine his arrival.


Photography by Eleanor Hardwick. Much thanks.

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  1. tvexplorer permalink
    August 19, 2009 8:56 p08

    Goodness, that was a dark dream. Or was it a dream? Perhaps a memory from your past? You are definitely interesting, Jade Comminique. 🙂

  2. August 21, 2009 8:56 p08

    You could say it was an epic dream to a lesser degree fused with my past, present and another story. I found it quite interesting too…not that I have deciphered the dream or my memories or the story I wrote. After your comment, I felt I couldn’t respond. I wasn’t sure–what did I mean or what was I really saying?

    Blogging has proved to be a complex medium. Some posts I write, then later, I don’t want to analyze, because my head has spun and then I’m in another spot. Wondering…

    Thanks for your comment, as always, appreciate your stopping by!

    -Mea, truly.

    Oh and I like the ‘jade communique’ you tossed into the comment, it seemed to carry a suggestion…maybe me being to over-analytical?

  3. September 17, 2009 8:56 p09

    Hi, the photo you’re using is by Eleanor Hardwick.

  4. September 26, 2009 8:56 p09


    I’m sorry for the mistake. I’ll be sure to correct it so Eleanor Hardwick gets the credit he deserves.



    And if you know the photographer I say, “thank you.”

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