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Manic Skylar: Bipolar Stories Part I;I

December 9, 2009

Read my red lips, so she says.

It’s almost 4:00 pm, and I can’t keep avoiding Skylar. She’s been in the psychiatrist office waiting room almost four hours now.

But first I’ll sneak down the side door way and staircase and smoke a cigarette. I’ll need one before seeing her. Things have gotten out of control. I race out the back door and leave Skylar waiting a bit longer, I have to have some free time to think of what to say, or maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Always nice that way. I laugh to myself.

I’m pacing back and forth, sucking down a cigarette, I know a doctor, stupid, right? Anyway I spot Skylar walking out looking fumed. I try to dodge below the parking garage, but she sees me. She doesn’t even look at me, just darts her eyes at me and then skirts them towards the front door of her boyfriend’s hummer. He’s the one who I owed and got me into this whole mess with Skylar.

I must admit the sex is mind-blowing though.

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